What I’m doing now…

In a word: “settling”

  • Back to Equal Experts Portuguese office after a few months at HMRC in London, UK.
  • Exciting times at work: starting to define what the Portuguese branch will be, were we want it to grow, and how can we get it there. A bit of the “startup” feeling (= PT) but in a company with an already great culture (= UK).
  • Started reading studying Functional Programming in Scala: a very hands-on book that can’t just be “read”, it needs to be “worked on”.
  • Resuming day-to-day family life after months of work traveling: only now realising how much I missed the chit-chat with the kids at dinner table. 😀
  • Started practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu together with my kids; it’s been great for our father-son family dynamics. Very pleasantly surprised by how close BJJ is to many of the natural movement principles I’ve been looking into for quite some time.

Last Update: 12th March, 2016

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